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Norah Jones Official Node Siege Fan Page

Here you can download the latest version of Node Siege, by Norah Jones. As of June 12, 2004, the third version, v1.15, is available. A list of improvements is in the docs.
Node Siege is a gametype for UT2004 (Unreal Tournament 2004). It has similarities to Domination and Assault, but it is played on Deathmatch maps. The "node" relocates randomly periodically. The first team to secure the node defends it, and scores points until the other team secures it from them, at which point they become the defenders.
It's not just "Domination with a single point." Attackers have to do better than just rush in and step on a point to keep the defenders from scoring. They have to maintain a stronger presence than the other team for several seconds.

Norah Jones is responsible for this gametype and this webpage.  You can email me at

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